JazzWorkshop MonteGrotto 2021 ***** Guest docent: Scott Hamilton

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List of docents is currently not complete (all instruments are welcome in the workshop and will be teached!)

Kristine Liede (vocals, piano, all solo instruments)

Kristine is a fabulous young talent in Jazz singing and especially in Jazz improvisations.
She interprets songs in her own fantastic way. Music examples of Kristine’s singing and of her great capabilities for improvisation, see BaltosFavorite on jazzcats.
Kristine was born in Latvia and is a professional jazz singer and working with international jazz bands.
She studied jazz singing in the Jazz Department of Helsinki University and is now studying and doing her concert exam (master exam) at Jazz Department of Amsterdam University.

Klaus Desch (piano, improvisation and comping training, composer and arranger)

Foto: Axel Grundhöfer

Klaus has been playing the piano since he was six. He had lessons from Eleonore Schoneweg, Else Renner and Justin Oprean.
In addition to classical solo play and his play of chamber music he also is an important part of the Jazz scene in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany with a focus on Swing and Classic Jazz.
His way of accompanying saxophone players and other jazz soloists as well as his expression as Jazz piano soloist is phantastic and unique.
Even if he has decided on a career in research and teaching (he is a professor of experimental physics at Bonn University), music is his second but comparable important profession and passion.
Bernd and Klaus met in many different combos over the last 35 years and they developed a great way of interacting and interplay in Swing Jazz.
Last but not least it should be mentioned that Klaus is also active as composer an arranger of Jazz tunes (see: Klaus Desch Solo Album).

Sasha Marinicevs (guitar, all solo instruments, theory advanced)

Sasha is born in Latvia and studies Jazz guitar at the Jazz Department of Maastricht University, Netherlands.
He is an active member of many European Jazz ensembles together with Kristine Liede.
His art of impovisation is outstanding and he is specialized in teaching jazz improvisation for all instruments as well as for music theory (chords and scales).
Examples of his creativity: see videos of the BaltosFavorite on jazzcats.

Bernd J. Kröger, (double bass, piano voicings, theory basics; Member of Jazz Education Network JEN)

Bernd is an experienced double bass player, who did a reasonable music career in the early 80s.
In most times he worked as a freelancer in order to be able to study physics, phonetics, linguistics and musicology in parallel.
He is currently working at RWTH Aachen University (see: www.speechtrainer.eu).
His research interests include music and language, as well as neural processing mechanisms of speech and improvised music in the brain.
Bernd is currently working with young musicians from the JazzDepartment of Maastricht and Amsterdam Universities (see videos of the BaltosFavorite on jazzcats).